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A Little Bit About Retro Oasis

Hi!  We are Steve & Gina Smith. We began designing and building haunted houses about 10 years ago, inviting the community to engage in our Halloween fun. We met some wonderful Halloween lovers (we call ourselves Haunters) and have learned so many things over the years, and have seen our design work and techniques improve so much over time. We are bringing these skills to our escape rooms and hope that you enjoy them as much as we do. 

Steve has always been a gamer, yes, an old school gamer, like Atari, Sega and NES. He also has a love for vintage arcade games and has put his efforts into restoring these classic machines to share with others who love the games. 

As a family, we discovered escape rooms, playing our first one at Confined Escape Rooms in Calgary, Alberta. We were obsessed immediately! Our two sons enjoy the puzzles and the challenge just as much as we do. 

We are a family who lives in the world of developmental disabilities and as such, we know the importance of inclusion and acceptance. We strive to make our business as inclusive and mobility friendly as possible, though we do recognize that there will always be things that we can do better. Come with us on this journey as we continually work to do better and be better. 

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