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Frequently Asked Questions

Escape Room FAQ
Will I actually be locked inside of a room?

No, you are never actually locked inside the rooms. You are free to leave to go to the bathroom or for emergencies, though we encourage you to stay in the room in order to not interrupt the experience. 

Due to space constraints, our rooms are limited to a maximum of 6 adults or up to 8 children plus one adult (junior edition BIRTHDAY PARTIES ONLY). 

How many players are in the escape room at one time?
Are all escape rooms suitable for children?

Children ages 7 and up are welcome to play as part of a family, however, our escape rooms are designed for adults. Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult at all times while in the escape room as game play can sometimes be too challenging or some parts may be unreachable.

We have designed alternative clues and puzzles for the younger kids, in what we call "Junior Edition". This room is created with 7-10 year olds in mind and a suggested group size of 4-8, including one adult who must be present at all times. In the King's Horde: Junior Edition, the game play is the same as the adult room, however we have added simpler language and clues. In Daphne Dixon, P.I. - Junior Edition, the junior version is a completely different version of the adult game, allowing for more options when booking escape rooms. 

I'm new to escape rooms - what are they?

An escape room is a game where a group of people (family, coworkers, friends, etc) need to work together to find clues and solve puzzles in order to escape the rooms within an allotted time frame. 


Groups will need to be able to problem solve, be able to observe their surroundings and think critically in order to escape.  

Will I be in a room with people I don’t know?

No. Our rooms are all private bookings so you will always be playing with people you know.

Is there a time limit to escape?

Our escape room are designed with a 60 minute time limit. If you escape before time runs out, congratulations. If you haven't solved all of the clues before 60 minutes has passed, you should come back and try again!

Are the escape rooms available for parties or private event bookings?

Certainly! However, the time limits and capacity limits will still apply. We can talk with you and put together a party or event package that suits your needs and can also include the party room and arcade if you like.

Oh no! I'm stuck on a puzzle! What do I do?

Don't worry! Our game masters are always available to give you hints. We will ask you at the beginning of your experience if you would rather have unlimited hints, 3 hints or no hints at all.

Arcade FAQ
Can I take my extra tokens home?

We prefer that you purchase and use the tokens in the same visit, however we do understand that sometimes you have a couple leftover.

Please refrain from purchasing large amounts of tokens if you don't plan on using them that day as we have a finite number of tokens and want everyone to be able to play! 

We also have a program called Play It Forward. You can donate unwanted tokens that will end up going to a deserving person who will get a gift card for a fun night out. You are also welcome to nominate a person or business who you feel deserves some fun!

Birthday Party FAQ
When I book a party, do we get the whole place to ourselves?

The short answer is no. When you book a birthday party, you will have exclusive access to our birthday party room which includes 3 free-to-play arcade machines. However, the main arcade is still open to the public. If you would like to book during a less busy time, we suggest Wednesday and Thursday evenings!

Can we bring in food for our birthday party? 

Absolutely. You are welcome to bring any prepared food or have food delivered during your party booking. We do ask that you keep all food and drink within the party room please. 

Frequent Gamer Card FAQ
Can I trade my Frequent Gamer Card for cash?

You can apply the value of your Frequent Gamer Card to any purchase at Retro Oasis over $10 (not including alcohol), however, you can not get cash back. 

Why can't I purchase alcohol with my Frequent Gamer Card?

AGLC rules and regulations prohibit transactions of this type.

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