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Play It Forward

For the rest of 2023,


Play It Forward

donations will benefit

Okotoks Food Bank!

Play It Forward is our new Community Initiative.

We have noticed some people having to leave the arcade and don't know what to do with their extra tokens. We tell them they can take them home and bring them back next time....but they don't always want to do that. So what do we do with these extra tokens? 


1. Tokens that get left behind in the arcade will be automatically added to our Play It Forward jar.


2. Our customers can nominate a person, family or local business who they think needs a night out. 

3. Approximately once a month, we will do a random draw and award the winner the equivalent token value in the form of a gift card. They can use this gift card towards tokens, a birthday party or event rental or an escape room booking. 

4. Draw dates to be determined by number of donations.


Know a person or business that could use a night out? Nominate them here:

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